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Creativity is contagious, 

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Welcome to my world of creations

‚ÄčTake your time and enjoy looking

Welcome to Bethamay Arts! 

I've worked in a wide range of media: acrylic, watercolor, collage, photography, mixed media, and oil pastel. In the early days of the Covid Pandemic, I created "Getting to Calm", a series of watercolors that reflect the search for a sense of calm in the wild, turbulent, ride that 2020 was. You can see a sampling here

During this time, I also discovered a profound freedom with oil pastel painting, a new medium for me, and one that I will continue to explore, delighted with a new sense of possibility in my work. You can view Oil Pastels here

May we all find some calm and freedom, as well as transformation and healing, in this challenging time and beyond. 

May you be happy, healthy, safe, at peace.